Roadtrip 2012-2 (Day 2)

We have taken gluttony to a whole new level today!

My stomach had not rested since 9AM this morning. Started off with a lovely bowl of curry mee, accompanied by Hainanese Kopi Cham C and toast bread! *slurp* I lovitt! Kuantan curry mee is very different from what you can get in PG. Firstly, the soup is anchovy base cooked with many spices such as lemongrass (I don’t know what else :P) and every bowl comes with Yong Tau Foo (vegetables stuffed with fish). Portion is very generous and it’s only priced at MYR4.00. My favorite is the one opposite the Kuantan Specialist Centre. There’s another shop near Teluk Cempedak which is pretty good too. Very subjective depending on your taste buds πŸ˜‰ For the chili lovers, you’ll be disappointed. It ain’t spicy πŸ˜‰


Today’s itinerary is to make a trip to the neighboring state – Terengganu. To be specific, the town of Kemaman. Being famous for the beach and the sea at the east coast, we started our journey using the trunk road. Taking a slow drive up north along the coast. A very different flavor and view as we cruised through Malay villages; small businesses and humble homes were seen lined along the wide roads of Kuantan. Just to prove a point, MiL asked that we stop by another famous beach – Pantai Batu Hitam (Black Stone Beach). I didn’t realize why the name was given until MiL pointed it out! Indeed, the stones along the beach are black!






In less than an hour, we got to Kemaman town. Some parts of the town reminded me of Miri and Penang! Most architecture were pretty as original as they can be. Took us a few wrong turns and very soon we spotted the legendary Hai Peng coffee shop. Over a decade ago, when Bean used to work I’m Kemaman, he spoke of Hai Peng a lot. Apparently that’s his favorite “hang out” place for so,e decent Chinese snack. I’m so glad that I finally get a chance to check it out myself. A little disappointed that they didn’t have any pulut ikan, but we were still stuffed from breakfast anyways. Later when we were on our way out, I found out they were selling Nasi Dagang!! (the ones wrapped in banana leaf!)



The coffee shop has some very interesting and lovely collection of antiques. We were so intrigue by the collection!





Right after a quick stop at Hai Peng, we headed off down the road in our hunt for the famous Kemaman stuffed crab. Heard a lot about it but absolutely no idea how it tastes like. Finally, I meet 2 milestones in a day πŸ˜‰ Tong Juan was the recommended shop. There are several shops along the same row that solders about the same cuisine.







Lunch came up to ~MYR140. Each stuff crab is priced at MYR8. Taste wise is not too bad. I find it a tad too bland. Prolly cos I’m too used to our version of bake crab. The ones they have here, they are filled with real crab meat, coated with egg and fried. The steam garoupa was good. Fresh and simple. The fried chilli kangkung was slightly different from ours. I felt that it didn’t have so much of belacan and prolly a bit more Asam or lemon.

Just as we finished our lunch, the after food coma effect started kicking in slowly. But MiL still has a long least of itinerary to finish. Next stop, we were going to a nearby village call Geliga. The entire stretch is right next to the sea. Hence more fishing boat and lotsa Keropok Lekor!! I’m so used to eating the version from Swallow. Her mum made the best steamed Keropok. At the Keropok Cap Intan (Kampung Geliga Besar), the customers were swarming the small atap home! Everyone bought big bags of dried Keropok and cooked Keropok. I still prefer the steamed ones. Not cheap though to get the Keropok, and chilli…





By the time we finished our 4th meal, we were barely at the 6th hour since we got up! No joke…we were total glutton! Now my poor waist line will continue to suffer!

Alrightey, that’s all for Day 12 day trip. I’m too tired now to write about the dinner. Will do so tomorrow! πŸ˜‰

To be continued….

5 thoughts on “Roadtrip 2012-2 (Day 2)

  1. Hahaa…enjoy your eating trip while it lasts!:D When you come back to Penang, you’ll be starved and thin again πŸ˜› – glad that you are spending all that quality time with LM’s family too.

  2. Glad you’re getting a GOOD break, food-wise, time-wise πŸ™‚ Our regards to LM’s family, awesome people πŸ™‚

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