Roadtrip 2012-2 (Day 1)

Sitting in the dark, I’m waiting for my hair to dry. Decided to kill time by posting something up πŸ˜‰ I can’t really recall my last trip back to Kuantan. Felt like it’s been a long time since – was it 2010 that we were back for the Choir?

It’s been a long day of traveling on the road. We have been looking forward to this trip out of the island; just to give ourselves a breather from the crazy life we’re currently leading. Though the trip turned out to be anything but time alone for both of us, it’s still good to have Granny and Aunt coming along πŸ™‚


With a mere 3 hours of sleep, I struggled thru the 8 hours drive to the east coast. Tried as much possible to keep Bibs accompany but the exhaustion and the motion sickness made the drowsiness even harder to resist!


As always, food drives the main itinerary for all of us. Dim sum to kick start the day at our favorite Foh Sun Dim Sum Restaurant (Ipoh) helped to set the belly marathon right! I thought making the trip this weekend would be easy on the traffic since its a PG state holiday. Little did I know, I underestimated the gluttony of Penangites! The whole restaurant was filled to the brim with more patrons pouring in; determined to get a seat despite the long queue!


About 3 hours back on the road, we soon arrived at the mid-hill of the ever famous Genting. Gotong Jaya is what they call it. We decided a proper lunch wasn’t what we are looking for today. With a heavy dim sum breakfast, I could do with a light lunch…perhaps…some fruits? πŸ˜›


As you may have guessed, we had durians for lunch instead! πŸ˜€ I get to try the ever famous Musang King (ηŒ«ε±±ηŽ‹). When the seller pry open the durian, the yellowish orangey fruit stares right back at you. So tempting that you cannot resist but to give it a try. Despite the mild dizziness from the motion sickness up the winding stretch, I had my fair share of calming my durian addiction! Just a little knowledge gained about the Musang King durian – you can recognize the breed by the “star” shaped base. Can you see it? πŸ˜€


By 3pm, we finally arrived home. The seniors had a good chat while Bibs and I tried to stay awake. We eventually checked into a mini motel of Kuantan. Can’t complain too much. After all, we only needed a place to stay; don’t intend to ask for more ..

Dinner time came and MiL churned out some homemade dishes that we all missed. MiL put in a lot of time and effort to prep for the meal.


Post dinner city tour cover the ever famous Teluk Cempedak and a full coverage of city tour. Not that I can remember much frm the city tour. But to wrap up the evening, it’s a definite to try out satay Zul! Seriously, it’s one food that you don’t want to miss in Kuantan!!


That pretty much wraps up my day. I’m drop dead tired now and I thnk my hair is slightly dryer now. Can’t keep my eye lids open……. -______-||

Good night now πŸ˜‰


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