Crazy week again

Weeks after weeks, my calendar is always booked to the brim. Even with my strategy to block out “me-time”, I still end up clocking at least 12hrs a day. It is typically more demanding during the Daylight Savings period (or is it the non-Daylight Savings? where our overlapping hours are far lesser which translates to us in Penang, having to get up early to meet everyone’s needs.

It frustrates me knowing that in most occasions, we have to give in while others in NA region gets to practice work life balance. Though to be fair, things have been very challenging of recent year that some NA counterparts are also juggling with the lack of a life; let alone balance. But on and off, I still come across those who would tell it to my face that they can’t stay on longer because it’s time to go home. Well, I’m perfectly fine if you need to look into something urgent/important but you’ll be able to compromise at some point to get things done. Those who bluntly tell you “No” with absolute absence of constructive workaround, now those are serious jackarse if you ask me.

Getting a mere 4 hours of sleep last night, I could barely get myself safely into office this morning. My eye lids need some serious collagen or Botox to keep them from drooping down any further *yawn*… How la to last till end of the day?.. *sobs*

<img src="" alt="20120710-083125.jpg" class="alignnone size-full” />

Stealing a breather for my breakfast of economy noodles (a rare treat), I’m absorbing as much “freedom” as I can in 15mins before heading off again to the marathon of meetings. Exactly how fruitful meetings are?…nobody really bothers ain’t it? “When bored, call a meeting!”

Ok. Time’s up. Have a good day people šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Crazy week again

  1. Hey there, just opened this blog again after many months… Work-life balance??? What’s that? Oh wait, isn’t it something married people are supposed to do??
    Anyway, I hope you & hubby are well!

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