Wiser or otherWise?

I survived my double wisdom tooth extraction! *Phew* Some of you may have seen my bloody teeth (literally)…but if you haven’t..hehe..embrace the sight of courage! LOLx!

I honestly wouldn’t consider yesterday’s ordeal at all pleasant.  Apart from having to wait for almost an hour before my turn was up, the entire procedure was dragged longer than it should have needed.  Took me over 1.5 hours before I could walk out of the dental office with a throbbing head, shaking.  Fear and pain made me so tensed up throughout the entire procedure which really hurts my neck which was pressing hard against the head rest of the dental chair.  My entire shoulder felt like they were glued to my ears with that amount of tension traveling through every muscle group *gulp*

I still can’t tell if it was a skill issue, or my pain tolerance is so darn low that the extraction of my lower wisdom tooth was actually very painful.  Unlike what most people told me prior to the surgery, apparently I should not be feeling any pain while on anesthetic; of course, I still have my sensation albeit numbness.  I know for sure I had at least 4 jabs of anesthetic around the tooth and the numbing definitely kicked in.  But the process of sawing and yanking out my tooth really hurts badly.  It was as though someone pressed really hard on my jaw bone causing really bad headache as I used my entire body to withstand that pressure.  When the doctor saw my body movement, she asked if I was in pain and I merely answered her (my face was completely covered with the surgery cloth and my mouth opened wide – not forgetting numbed).  I can’t tell if she added another jab of anesthetic, but I for sure know each time she asked if I feel any pain, she will stop the cutting and take another tool to do something.  I reckon she either had to slice up more tissue/gum to make way or she injected more anesthetic.. the latter seems unlikely since the pain never really went away.

I guess the whole procedure was extended mainly because of the trainee who was assisting the surgeon.  It really didn’t help when I was already lying there in fear with no visibility of what’s going on around and above me, and yet I could hear the frustration from the doctor trying to get the trainee to be more assisting than disrupting her.  It was especially unhelpful when she tried to describe what she was doing hoping that the trainee will understand what kind of assisting procedure she should do.  Technically, I know exactly what’s happening inside my mouth in great details!  *sweat*  But I really tried to keep myself calm by remembering what Cookie told me… “Beautiful thoughts..” 😛  I started thinking of all praise songs..hymns..anything at all.  Of course, none of them I could get through a full verse or chorus before being cut off rudely by some unnecessarily details of how the trainee could move the tissue aside using the suction tube to make way for my doctor to yank out my tooth *OUCH* Even as I type this my wound hurts 😛

Once the bottom tooth came off, it was a total relief for everyone.  I guess it could be my tooth being overly rooted to the gum and yanking it out isn’t exactly an easy task.  But that painful ordeal did not stop there mind you.  Before she sewed up my bottom gum, she had to inject the anesthetic to my upper gum to prep it for the extraction of the top wisdom tooth.  Despite her giving me a heads up that the jab will be very painful cos it will go right through the gum to the nerve…boy, I swear that one almost sent me up shooting out of my seat.  I’m not kidding..that jab was really, really very painful.  Tears welled up and the surgery cloth which was covering my face helped to soak that up.  It was seriously painful.  For that moment (until the numbing took place), all of sudden the pain from the yanking was gone..completely overtaken by the severe pain from the jab… *double sweat*  Anyways, once the sewing was done, the extraction of the top tooth was really fast and easy.

*sigh*  I guess my whole experience could have been better if not for the trainee.  While I try to be as understanding as possible by not complaining about having her assist, I reckon I probably won’t be in so much pain yesterday had the procedure gone by faster with less tugging.  When I got home, I was still shaking; both from fear & hunger 😛  But the rests of the day was just nursing my sore cheeks & very painful mouth with cold towel.  Thankfully, with cold towel, the pain was much bearable.  Somehow with the light pressure from the towel helped compress the sore muscles within.

So, that’s my not so fun experience.  I still have another wisdom tooth to extract.  But I don’t think I’ll be able to rally the same amount of courage after what I went through.  I guess I’ll leave that as is for a while longer.. *gulp*

Alright…my tummy is growling again.  Going on mostly liquid and some soft food, I’m hungry pretty frequently 😛  Yes, I highly doubt I will lose a single ounce of weight.. lolx.  Gonna go make my banana+kiwi+orange milk shake 😉

P/s: I’ll let you know if I feel wiser after this 😛


6 thoughts on “Wiser or otherWise?

  1. I would have recommend you to Penang Dental if you asked me. I had removed my bottom wisdom tooth without pain during the procedure and it took me less than 30 mins before I walk out of the room again. Besides that, my wisdom tooth was too far behind and he need to cut it open and have 3-4 stitches back. Sad that you had to go thru so much pain during the procedure. Cos the pain comes after the numbness is all gone (well, at least that was my experienced). Get well soon. 🙂

    • This doctor was recommended by my cousin who has gone through several treatments with her.. So I thought it would be OK. After all, she’s an experience dental surgeon 😦 Perhaps for my other tooth, I’ll head over to Penang Dental..

      • According to Jennifer:
        “It is the doc beside the receptionist counter. It is a male who does wisdom tooth”

        It’s been a while so she can’t recall the name..

  2. oh no…what an experience! sorry you had to go through such a torturous experience… after what you have gone through, i think my fear for dentists has increased even more!
    *gulps* i will pray very hard that i will never ever have to remove or do anything to my wisdom tooth or any other tooth.

    hope the pain will ease off soon! well, at least you have all the excuses to eat lots of cold yummy stuff eg. ice cream! 😉
    take care! 🙂

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