Bidding farewell to my Wisdom

I still cannot believe I have rallied enough courage to have my wisdom teeth extracted.  It’s unbelievable that I have volunteered myself to setting up the appointment yesterday to have a final confirmation from the dental surgeon.  In just a few hours, I will be seated in the cold, bloody room on my most dreaded seat.. eek!! So scared!!!

I don’t think anyone has really done a research on the impact of wisdom tooth on one’s wisdom.  So, in any case, after tomorrow, I will either end up wiser, lost in wisdom or who knows..simply indifferent 😛  Apparently it will be a relatively straight forward and simple procedure.  Done maybe in an hour or so.  The only tricky thing is my lower tooth appears to be very near the running nerves.  Worse case, we may hit the nerve and that may lead to permanent/temporary numbness on my right facial area.  Fingers crossed, nothing bad happens and even if there is…please let it be temporary.  I don’t want to have half a smile for the rests of my life.. >.<

While my dental surgeon tries to assure me that there may be risks associated to the procedure but it is generally quite safe.  And although she had to highlight all the risks to me, it is highly unlikely that they will happen base on her experience.  Seriously, not helping!! The more I read online, the worse I feel.  Exactly the way Dr Mah warned me 😛  Thankfully she told me to go to a dental surgeon and not a regular dentist.  So, I’m praying hard all goes well tomorrow *gulp*

See you when I am 2 teeth less… *face palm*

BTW, death (among many others) can happen during wisdom tooth extraction… 😦


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