My Sunday evening

Completely enjoying my me-time tonight albeit unplanned. Could have been a good daughter and celebrated Father’s Day but I guess I’ll have to negotiate with Dad to go on a backlog and pay back another time 😉

Ended up at SQ alone and coincidentally there is a Hip Hop dance put up by the YES (Youth Excellence on Stage) Academy in conjunction of the Georgetown Festival 2012.  The stage was set up right at the opened space of SQ and it was crowded by youths and even the elderly.  Basically the evening was to introduced different Hip Hop dances or choreography, which to me, was really educational.  I have always loved street dance and Hip Hop being one so being able to watch this completely at my own leisure & time, that was awesome.

Several Americans (mostly blacks) were part of the academy teachers who apparently had this intensive workshop with the local youths.  10 days of 8 hours grilling.  It’s completely free of charge and youths just have to sign up.  It’s my first time knowing about the YES Academy and I thought it was cool that they travel around some countries to reach out to the youths by offering free workshops.  When I saw our youths performing on stage, it was as though they were given a new lease of life.  So much passion, the joy and the pride they have for themselves and fellow peers.  It’s amazing.  And some of the youths had to work or go to school during the day and they had to go straight for the 8 hours workshop to practice for the showdown.  That’s determination!

As I was standing in the midst of the sweaty crowd, I kept wondering to myself.  Why is it that I don’t have similar burning passion like these kids?  I mean, look at them..the energy when they hit the stage.. it’s like they channel everything in their lives and completely forget about everything else that could possibly make them unhappy or feel small in this world.  It’s like the stage is their heaven; the dance is their live.  That’s true passion if you ask me. I can bet that some of these kids probably grew up in less than conducive environments.  Off dance practice, they are likely to be back in the slump going through some difficult times.  Likelihood of feeling really detached and beaten up by the expectations from the people around them, is very high.  And through dance, they found themselves.  They find confidence.  They find acceptance.  How important it is to have something you truly love and being able to run back to it whenever you want to…

Anyways, I just can’t help but feel that I wish I have a strong passion about something.  And I wish I could do something similar as what YES did for the youths; providing a platform and opportunity for them to spread their wings.  You have no idea how many lives you could have touched just by making this possible for some people.  It can change lives.

This is the kind of satisfaction I am seeking.  To be able to provide a platform of hope for people who thinks they have lost them.  Sounds big?  It is.  Sounds impossible?  I definitely don’t think so.  It’s just a matter of time.. 🙂  I know I’ll find that.


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