A quarterly deal

Hanging around at my work desk tonight; a rare event since I got married and move much further away from work.  For the first time since Bibs returned to the same company, it is him who has to work the extra hours while I, sit around watching my dear Friday night slip away.  Nonetheless, I shall not complain.  It’s been a very long time since I actually scroll through my Bookmarks and click on any of my favorite blogs.  Oh, how I miss my good old days.  Feels like a century ago since I had a life.

Was reading one of my favorite crafty blog and remembered just how neglected OCR has been.  Not that I wasn’t expecting the hiatus, it’s just that I often remember at the back of my head that I want to post something here; be it long or short.  I just never got to it.  Never.  Too little time and definitely very minimal energy left of late.

A couple of nights ago I was talking to Big Bird about his health conditions and we were both discussing about how age is catching up.  Seems like our circle of friends are experiencing similar traits of  illness – migraines, dizziness, low/high BP, low energy, exhaustion, sleep issues, etc.  Name something and it’s likely to hit one of those on the list!  I honestly am tempted to agree that age is the factor.  I don’t remember myself struggle to stay awake at 10PM nor do I recall feeling so exhausted that I cannot even drag myself out of bed in the morning.  I used to have sufficient  battery to last through the wee hours.  But now…you can forget about it.  I am likely to even reject a cuppa after dinner.  I just want to crawl back home and snuggle at my couch or my little corner in bed.

In case you haven’t been keeping track of time… we are about mid way through the year.  Time flies.  It’s coming to our 6th month since we started our new life together.  Let’s just say, marriage life is far better than I had ever imagined.  But on the other hand, there are additional burdens on my shoulder which I think…I’ll talk about it another time.  For now… I shall go bug Bibs to go home..cos my eye lids are about to shut.  Before I slam my head on the keyboard… Bonne nuit mon amis!


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