Why am I awake so early?

Tossed over and naturally reached out to my phone. 0535 it reads. Great! Just what I need on a day off. I battled with my (sub-)conscience the entire night about attending the morning meetings or just get a life and skip them all. It is after all an official day off. Just when I thought I have successfully convinced myself to do that, I have to be wide awake at this hour which I would typically be dragging my butts off the bed. Perfect start.

Done with the usual routines of clearing my mails, restock my Tower, check on ALTR and finally I headed for my Instagram. Ashamed at how badly I have abandoned my feed; the one that I could hardly live without once upon a time ago.

Decided to get up and get breakfast to-go ready for Bibs; something he would usually get done for me cos I’m obviously the one who has trouble getting up and ready to go in time >.< After sending the rejoiced hubs (yes, he's all set to party over the weekend he said), I'm suddenly unsure what I should do first. There's so many things lying around the house (what a mess!) and I haven't pack for my 3D2N retreat. Hmmm…guess I'll have a cuppa while I hog the iPad šŸ˜‰

Just thought I'll also remind you that tomorrow, March 31 is the Earth Hour day. Yup, lights off (to the least) for 60 minutes starting 8.30PM. So, set your reminder so you know you won’t be caught at some cafe or mall when the lights decide to dim down or turn off completely šŸ˜‰ *teehee* I wonder if Dr CTY will make us do that at the HOP…that would be darn freaky. I’m so gonna stick to Meekoo.

Alright. I need to start packing. Contemplating taking a nice personal breakfast at any nearby cafe. Anyone care to join me? šŸ˜‰ Hehe. But I’ll be working. Lolx. Or rather I’ll be prepping my iPod in case I get too bored and i’m not able to chat with anyone. Lotsa quota left behind this weekend peeps!

Ciao and have a good weekend.


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