System on hibernate

Called in sick this morning. The 2nd time this month. My boss is likely to call this performance issue, but too bad, this is all I can do for myself now.

It’s been over 3 weeks since Bibs and I have been contesting each other with our viruses. When he’s down and fighting the virus, the mutated ones gets to me and it’ll be my turn to go into war with the new traits. Just when my body is about to give in, miraculously I survived without going into a full blown and guess what? Bibs takes over. Fantastic team work isn’t it? This marathon of relay has been going on for weeks now and Panadols have been my good friend. I tried medication and yet nothing quite works; at least not yet.

Slept in a little but still woken up by the vibration of my smart phone (who isn’t too smart to know I’m trying to rest). The only way I can describe how I feel now – is that I wish I can bang my head against the wall and stop the little ants that are crawling around my brain cells or some, even playing trampoline on the cushiony tissues. Eww.

Gonna try to get as much rest as I can cos a day off does not come easily. I know it’s war back in office. Allow me to ignore it for now..



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