I’m back for a short breather.

I don’t know how and why, I’ve completely taken a submarine ride on my cyber life. Perhaps i did pop in and out of the surface to catch my breath occasionally, but certainly not at the rate that i was hoping i could keep up with. What a shame, indeed.

Short of a week into 2 months of marriage life, the most commonly asked question would obviously be “How’s marriage life?”. As if I would be able to differentiate that in a mere 2 months, most of the time my (our) answers would be “I don’t know”; accompanied by a deep shoulder shrug *shameless grin*

With the madness that is going on in my life (nothing new), I am determined to take control of my private life and setting it straight. Priorities need to be reinstated; work, is not what defines my purpose on earth. Screw you, if you are condemning my stand (Pardon the language).

That said, I’m toying the idea of revamping OCR. This blog started off in 2008 with the attempt of giving me an avenue to trash my thoughts (which turn out to be mostly frustrations and depressing records of events). Not that I’m trying to paint a false image of my life, I just think i should very much focus on the right elements and try to be thankful for the most minute things in life – like it or not 🙂 to start off with, I have my new journey as a wife to adjust to. And that alone has quite a fair bit to record down as part of my life chapter.

So, in the coming weeks (likely to be months), I’m determined to iron out some big rocks at work and get out of work on time so I can start to embark on my little project of cyber-soul-searching. No pressure (telling myself).

Until then, I may put a halt on OCR in the near future. But it will not taken down for sure 🙂 if you have any thoughts about what I should blog about; any focus area, or any motivation you would like to throw in for this poor soul, do let me know 😉


P/s: Blogging from Bibs’ iPad on a work day. Sorry, boss. I need inspiration for my work


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