The scale didn’t tip!

Woke up yesterday with a nasty stomachache.  I thought it was probably just some usual morning gas or ingestion problem with the late dinner I had the night before.  Little did I know, the whole stomach woes started and did not stop for the rests of the day.  Told my mum she poisoned my food, and all she said was, “Don’t complain, I’m helping you lose weight! You should be paying me back for every kg you lose“… Well, I would have bought that if it was all that intentional.  Problem was, she SMS-ed back and ask me to figure out what could have caused it.  She needs to know how to replicate the concoction! >.<

Nevermind about that.  Doing 7 rounds of toilet runs, I was pretty much drained by the end of the day.  True enough, I was badly dehydrated by noon and came down with a temperature, flu and itchy throat.  Could barely shove lunch down my throat as the other end was threatening to flush again.  I know..too much details.  Anyhow, I’m glad I feel OK this morning; at least for the last 90 minutes I’m still doing fine 😉  What’s disappointing…is that the scale has not shown a single bit of weight reduction!!! How is that even possible??!!  My tummy and bum went through a marathon of trauma for the whole day!! *sobs*  Bibs said, “That’s because you are not full of sh*t

Old teacher-lookalike-glasses

For my eyes, I haven’t quite followed the instructions of applying the eye drops 4 times a day.  It’s not all that easy.  The eye lubricant is “thicker” in consistency and every time after I apply it, my eyes would feel somewhat gelled.  Which means they naturally will have to be shut for a while; hence the term “soak”.  What makes this whole process harder, is the fact that any form of light that penetrates through my eyes while the lubricant is still welling in the sockets, will basically blind you.  Eek!! So, it’s no fun…really.  But still..I’ll try to remember to put that on anyhow.. 😉

Thankful for my new pair of glasses.  Having to stay away from my lenses for at least a month or more, I really don’t wanna walk around looking like a teacher in my old glasses 😛 But I think the new one makes me look very’s just so loud.  LOLx.  Perhaps it’s useful at work to shield myself from the gangsterism act! 😛

New glasses!! And transition lens rawkss!!

Alrightey peeps.  Having a fun long weekend! 😉 I have a lot to accomplished… *huff puff*


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