Health comes first

I know the subject line is kinda stating the obvious for all of us.  We know how often we hear that from people around us; especially for those who are typical workaholic 😉 You know who you are…you perfectionists out there!

I noticed I’m surrounded by many who are currently in need of medical attention – 1) My aunt who are diagnosed with kidney failure and about to undergo dialysis after the arteries are prep for the treatment to start  2) Another aunt who just had a lump of blood clot drained from the thyroid region on the neck (which seems to be a common problem in our family..cos I have the same too) and she’s also scheduled for an eye operation for her glaucoma which has shown signs of deterioration 3) Cousin who is diagnosed with severe depression but with recent medical aids, he seems to be improving or rather have his condition somewhat under control (PTL, that he also committed his life to Jesus during the recovery!)  4) Shiny who has recovering very well after the coronary by-pass and staying very focus to be back in action again soon  5) A BIC who was diagnosed with dengue fever and now recovering at home  6) A friend’s father who had a stroke couple weeks back and the family is now struggling to adjust to the changes and the additional care that he needs  7) A dear sister who has been struggling with back pain for quite a while now and recently has been diagnosed with scoliosi  … And the list continues to grow.

At this time, it’s hard for me to dismiss the importance of health.  Most, if not all, of the people I have listed above are very healthy and successful people in their areas of profession.  They all lead a good life, happy in most cases (perhaps).  And it’s heart breaking to see them fall sick and suddenly life comes to a halt; and they are challenged with decisions to make, or choices to weigh.  It reminds me to really slow down and reprioritize on life goals/needs. Sometimes we strive for perfection in the wrong things and simply waste too much of our energy and time on them.  If you really look at how you live your lives, or how you set your goals, I won’t be surprise if most of us are guilty in realizing just how lopsided our focuses are.  So, I hope we will start to pay a bit more attention to ourselves.  Yes, Y-O-U.  This is especially important if you have someone around you whom you know will need you to be well and strong; you can’t be caring for anyone if you go down first.  And I’m especially awaken by the fact that once your health is compromised, everything else can suddenly lose its meaning; simply means you may strive for a career succession or you could be trying very hard to provide for your family, or you could even be working hard on improving your lifestyle.  All these has to happen in moderation, because if any of your “life support system” breaks down….everything, can come to a complete standstill.  And most of the time, these can happen when you least expects it.  So, let’s not even let ourselves get there..

Anyways, I just want you folks out there to really take some time to love yourself; today and everyday 🙂 You just need to do that first before you can try to love anyone else around you.

I for one, have to get my eyes “fixed”.  Found out that my corneal scarring had caused my sudden photophobia condition. Thank God, the condition is not too bad and I should be able to let my corneal heal in a few weeks if I diligently use the eyes lubricant 😉 And, of cos, stay away from the contact lens.  So, I have my “task”.  Let me know if you have identified one for yourself 😉

Stay healthy and well pipol.  Praying for strength, good health and happiness for all.  May God’s blessings and grace be upon you, and your loved ones.


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