Third day into the whole hospital ordeal, things are unfolding positively. Thankful for the surgeons who recognizes the urgency of the situation and proposed for immediate surgery yesterday. Albeit the long and tiring day, everyone round the globe was relieved with the news that the heart by-pass went well. Being a fighter in nature, Shiny progressed as planned since he was back in the ICU.

Tubes, monitors, pumps… They surround his bed as he lay sedated on his bed. The doctor yelled his name so loudly that I swear even my soul jumped! 😛 But Shiny responded with the wriggles of his toes and fingers. Funny when you watch it, but it is really a good sign of comfort knowing he is ok.

Last night itself, he has been off the morphine and ventilator tube. Has been breathing on his own since. I’m really proud of him for pushing this far despite the lack of preparation for what was to unfold after the supposed “gastritis” on Saturday early morning..

Each time he progresses, a tube gets to come out. “Yay!! Bonus of the hour!!” Now, we just have to patiently wait for the next milestone..and then the next…and then the next….

For now.. It’ll just be the beepings that keep us accompany…

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