What’s with the machine?!

I have serious reasons to believe that all weighing machines are against me! It’s been almost 3 weeks and my weight haven’t budge a single bit! It’s stuck!! No progress!! In fact, the hand is threatening to tilt to the right!

*gasp* This is too much for me…. :-S

I need some serious remedy. I tried to up my workout but it’s not like I have the luxury of free time to travel up and down for more swim. I’m not exactly fit enough now for hikes. And it definitely is not helping when the weather keeps ganging up on me *pulls hair*

Every time after a meal, I seriously wish I can just rid all the food I took in. Guilty!! Why can’t I just live on air for the next few months?! Hate myself!!


3 more days to the next milestone…. HELP!! 😦



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