I don’t have a title

The other night I was typing a super lengthy post on my phone and just as I was deciding which image to insert into the post, some mishap happened and I lost the entire post.  Usually if something like this happens, it would have drove me up the wall.  Somehow, this time it didn’t and instead, I was relieved that it was not posted and I was yet able to kinda trash my thoughts.  In some ways, it’s a blessing in disguise 🙂  Otherwise it would end up being another depressing post as what Big Bird would easily classify it 😛

The past few days hasn’t been too great.  Hormonal fluctuation again (what an easy way out :P) I suppose.  I have a lot on my plate to sort out which I honestly haven’t been able to provide the right level of attention.  It’s not because there are a lot of things to do; but each tasks now requires a lot of my time and attention to focus, and plan.  Carefully decide on some strategies and thinking through.  To some extent, I hit some major roadblocks just trying to make this perfect.  Argh.  Another of my deadly disease..

Anyways, I can feel I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and I’m so gonna suffer today with the wrong set of emotion and mental state of mind.  As I drove recklessly to work this morning, I squeezed in a short prayer to commit today to the Lord.  Hence, I shall not try to take charge.  I shall remember to breathe and observe God work.  If you are reading this, could you also help pray for me – that I will not make hasty decisions, act or speak without first thinking if I’m glorifying Him?  I would specifically ask for strength and clarity in mind.  Thanks 🙂

BTW, on my diet plan.. I weighed myself last night and I have been consistently weighing 59.Xkg in the past 2 days.  Which means my 58.Xkg 3 days ago was somewhat bogus.  But still, it’s good progress coming all the way from 61.Xkg 2 weeks back.  I will continue to discipline myself… life with much less carb is no fun.  And piling on meat to keep myself full is not going to do me any good in a long run since my uric acid is gradually heading up.  I’m tempted to try the tea from Herbalife.  Not sure if it’s a good idea.

Happy Tuesday Pipol.


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