Blessed Birthday Isaac!

Wowee Jr JuiceI Look who’s turning 1 in 4 hours’ time? 😉

Can’t believe my lil man is already 1 year old.  From the tiny little fella,  he has clearly grown up so much in the past year.  Proud of you boy!  In no time, we’ll be able to play Wii and “Like” photos together on Instagram 😉 Lolx!

Big & Small Bird threw a lovely birthday party for Isaac today; a day ahead.  Cozy and joyful with all family members and friends coming together to share the fun and joy.  Too bad, the event organizer does not recognize me as Isaac’s friend and hence deprived me of a party pack and games, at least I have my fair share of fighting for cute cuppie cakes.  In fact, I ended up with 5 cuppies thanks to the adults who willingly gave up theirs for me 😛 LOLx

Though I’m trying very hard to go on a diet and hence only pick on a couple mouths of woodfire pizza from the Pizzeria @ HardRock Hotel, I think the food was awesome.  When I reach my target, I’ll be sure to go back there for some more yummy pizza! 😉  I have completely busted my quota for the day with a morning brunch with Lyshia and Shiny followed by ice cream and coffee.  Sinful to the max I tell you!  Hence, gone is my chance to take anything but rockets and cherry tomatoes at Pizzeria today *sobs*  While the girls were trying so hard to tempt me, Angeline was there to remind me of my mission.  That’s real self control man….

Anyways, check out the real cute birthday cake.  Old MacDonald theme; Isaac’s favorite nursery rhyme! 😀  I’m tempted to say… I want piggy cuppies for 2612!! 😀

Blessed Birthday Isaac! 🙂

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