I’m not kidding when I say my life is a roller coaster.  I think I just went from the peak and came diving down in the past month or so.  No joke. I’m feeling the serious pain the arse from all the bumpy ride.  Part of me is already screaming to be set free.  I’m not entirely sure how long I can hang on to this.

God, please give me some indication.  I just need to know what is the right move to make.


4 thoughts on “*ML

    • It is interesting and exciting. But I’m not a roller coaster kind of person. Cos each time it dives down and picks up again, it takes a lot of strength and overcoming fear to go thru the cycle. I’m not that kind of material 😦

      And, it’s not “ML”. It’s “*ML” which the first letter censored 🙂

      • I’m stupid so have no idea on the first letter. Btw, can delete my fist comment? That was a mistake. 😀

        Sometimes, I don’t have even have a courage to make the roller coaster change which I wanted to. Maybe taking vaction can give you some indication. My recent vacation gave me some indications. Well it helps a bit. At least it helps to make a small change to me. Hope that will help you too. So, go take vacation! 🙂

        • Haha. I dunno how long of a vacation a need. I do feel like I want to go away for a long time; hit the reset button and then start all over again. 喘. 累.

          Ganbatte! I hope you’ll find the courage to do what you like to do 😀

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