Suck it in!

Interestingly, I noticed I have been engaging in rather challenging conversations recently; usually in the form of negotiation or even confrontation.  I like neither, especially when I have to hold my temper, control my breathing and practically wrap myself in a gunny sack to avoid blowing my top! *huff puff*

Anyways, point is, I can feel some people are trying to get back on me now.  It’s like getting even 😦  To begin with, it’s not like I intentionally want to go all out to fight for anything.  Some things are just matter of fact and people just have to be realistic and stop pulling that whole subjective crap on me.  Yes is yes, no is no.  How hard can that get? Keep it straight and simple, and save us all the trouble.

Now great.  I got myself into another piece of crap and it almost feel like the person is jumping in utmost rejoice while I sink into the puddle of poo… *eww*

*pulls hair*

Hormonal changes.  I’ve gotta watch my breathing and try to remain calm.  All will be fine…..

*pulls hair*

This is the time where only 3 words can express your feelings. And they happen to start with W-T-F” ~ Shiny Head #1


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