I thought I would have a quiet muesli+cereal breakfast this morning at the corner of the pantry, with the sun warming me up.  But the least expected conversation took place and turned what I thought would have been a quiet breakfast into a somewhat heart wrenching session.  I’m not complaining.  I’m glad the conversation took place and I was able to hold back my tears.

The cleaner Makcik came by to join me at the table while I was about to dive into my cereal bowl.  Clearly, (I thought to myself), eating in front of a fasting person is just so inappropriate.  But since she didn’t seem to mind, I just stayed on.  That’s when the casual talk turned into an emotional conversation. Apparently Makcik‘s husband passed away recently and hence she is not able to celebrate Raya like the others.  She started to share the whole story of how her husband was when he alive, and how he had suddenly fell so sick and weak, and left her 2 months back.  As she got to the final part of the story, she started tearing and she recalls the fond memories of her husband.  I guess the heart greatly misses the person she loves dearly especially during festive seasons.  My heart cries with her as I watch her wipe away her tears.

Had to gather a lot of courage to hold my tears back and keep my voice from shaking as I comforted her to be strong and not to troubled by the unhappy thoughts.

As I went back to my cubicle, I couldn’t help but wonder… what would I do if someday I lose my love one; the one person that I have been so closely connected and love so dearly.  I honestly don’t think I will be able to get over it so easily  *sigh*  C’est la vie.  Gotta cherish the people around us before we lose them…

(No, it wasn’t my last post afterall..)


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