Knock, knock!

I’m beginning to wonder if I should create a template for my blog entries that start off with “It’s exactly XX months since my last post…“.  Sounds so familiar and so tempting to do that each time I click on the “New Post” option.  No kidding, it has indeed been 4 months *chuckle*

If not for my mostly asleep brain, I wouldn’t be sneaking off to the work pantry to get a breather while I try to refocus my mind on getting my long to-do list cleaned up.  I kinda like the solitude here with the rain pattering outside .  The pantry feels like a big office that I have conveniently appointed myself to.  Nice.

I haven’t had the time to really sit down and pen my thoughts.  This is an exercise that is clearly deprived from my daily routine since 2011 started.  I’m not really complaining cos the past 7 months and 16 days have been interesting.  Mind you, I said “interesting”. I think all in all, the events that have taken place this year have made me step out of my comfort zone (a little) while forcing me to take baby steps of faith.  If you ask me, I would say I have grown in wisdom and I have learned much more than I would have in the past 5 years; good and bad.  What I’m doing these days sometimes do challenge my beliefs in values and priorities.  I have yet to come to a good answer on that.

Nonetheless, I don’t intend to bore you with the nitty gritty details.  I just wanted to write something on my long-forgotten trashcan.  To be honest, I have been contemplating on moving away from this blog.  And perhaps, just maybe perhaps, I’ll restart a new one.  Most of the content here as so much of history that I think there’s a huge gap between the old OCR and the new OCR.  I don’t know.  We’ll see.  Until I write again, this might just be the last post  *grin*

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