What’s on top of your To-do list?

I know some people have the habit of keeping a To-do list which they’ll update everyday to keep track of what requires attention first. I also know some people are born organizers where they have this cool planning system embedded in their brains since birth. And I know a big group of smartphone owners who are now relying on applications and softwares to help keep track of the ever growing list of things to catch up with. Of course, there are also the group of highly blessed people who have never seen the need to worry about anything at all; somehow, things will miraculously fall into place. Divine intervention – some would call it.

It’s totally random that I’m writing about this. It just struck me (with immense stress too) that I have a long list of To-do that I have obviously not being able to keep up with. That list is virtually kept in my head; mainly because no paper is capable of keeping up and no smartphone is able to make me feel anywhere better with the gigantic list! So..I stop keeping a physical one! (anything happens..blame it on the brain!)

Recently my boss has been checkin on me for a number of things and given the dynamics and pace of my work, I really find it hard to keep up with the demands and expectations. I tried taking time off to catch up but my time ends up being filled up with some other stuffs; some being volunteered by some people *stares coldly at Bibs* And my boss has been giving me this famous tagline – “Step on it!”


*sour face*

So, how’s your To-do list comin up? Are you doing an effective house-keeping? How do you prioritize? 8 habits kicked in? What stays and what goes?

Share with me would ya? I need inspiration & ideas to improve!

P/s: I really like this thing which Angela shared yesterday – “Don’t put your problem so big; play down your problem because God will handle them and no problem is too big for Him. If you make them so big, it’s like you don’t have faith in Him”. I think that’s a good tip to start off with!

Blessed week ahead fellow comrades!

Love from the Random one!


2 thoughts on “What’s on top of your To-do list?

  1. I used to run workshops on Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, a book I recommend on that topic. But then again you may not have time for that, so I could try to distill it in a 30 minute Skype call, if interested 🙂

    • Oh really?? My boss says I’m the only person on earth who hasn’t read the book >.< but you're right.. I'll never get thru the preface!

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