Mocha turns 3!

Eek!! Unbelievable!!  I left this blog completely unattended for 48 days!!  I don’t quite remember if this is the longest hiatus…but it sure feels that way *looks down with uber guilt*

Life hasn’t been easy on me since I started this new job and new role.  The learning curve is not too steep for the non-management side of things, but it can get really overwhelming when I try to juggle both within the 8 hours; which of cos, is never just within 8 hours.  I’m working extra long hours consistently and not forgetting responding to emails regardless of the time of the day.  Now, I’m not saying I’m expected to do the after-hours work, but knowing me…I just cannot live by knowing something is brewing back there and pretend that I’ll be able to fire fight by the following day (or weekday if it’s over the weekend).  It’s crazy…!!  When customers get crazy…they’ll just go all the way up and when that comes back down to this small fry (yes, ME)…it can get into a meltdown situation.  Given that I am not a subject expert, obviously my respond rate is going to be much slower than ideal!  😦

I know it’s partly my fault for setting the unrealistic expectation for myself to meet.  However, given the circumstances that I’m in, I am sort of put into a position where this is THE option… like it or not 😦  *sigh*  Anyways….. I’m still learning to balance things up.  At least I managed to stand firm over the last weekend and stick to my plans to go on leave… (sorta).  No replying emails (sorta…and I did peek into them)… and no trying to respond to all fires (sorta….maybe 1 or 2…..or 3?).  My 2nd boss (i have two) told me this week after finding out that I’m losing sleep over work (yes, my mentor kinda hinted him) and that I’m about to quit my job if I can’t get my life straighten out; that it is meaningless to be “Outstanding” at work when you are “Not Meet” at personal life.  Hmmm….Makes sense…and I do agree… *shamefully*  Bibs have been giving me warnings of late for my bad habit of checking my emails even when I’m out with him.   Partly because I started owning the iP4! *Nooo!!! Don’t confiscate my toy!!*

Anyways, I don’t intend to jam-pack 48 days of sad story into 1 post.  LOLx.  I don’t even think I’ll be able to write anymore in between.  I just realized (thanks to my iP4) that…. it’s my son’s b’day today! 🙂  3 years old dy!!  Can go pre-school dy (can rite?) 😀  *proud mom*

Dear Mocha,

Sorry for not spending enough time with you of late.

I know you’ve been a good boy and also guarding

Ma’s pillow & bolster from the horrible Aunty of yours.

Ma will go get your a Durian Cheesecake…OK? 😀

Happy 3rd Birthday, dearie!!





Until my next post…..some 2358712304987057013985734098573204683 minutes later….




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