Three weeks into my new role; I would describe the past 21 days as a blind feeling around a new surrounding… Erm… Pretty much that way 😉

I still remember one of the interviewer (my now mentor) shared with me – “As you go through every challenges in your transition, you’ll have to learn to celebrate small victories”. How true that statement is. Small victories..!

My life feels like I’ve woken up in a gigantic enclosed room filled with millions of pieces of puzzles floating in the air (try to think Harry Potter) and I’m standing in the midst of them all trying to figure out which piece fits into the other. If you do puzzles, you’ll know how putting together the first 10% of puzzles is the toughest.


I am slowly putting together some random pieces of puzzles together. I’m still not at the point where I can safely say I know what I’m assembling. But I still count my blessings for at least being able to have angels alongside me to provide assistance and encouragement. I know the journey is still very long; too long for me to get exhausted so soon 😛

There’s much to accomplish in the coming months. Time is flying and I’m trying to complete this lap on time. Pray for me & with me!

To my dear friends whom I’ve greatly abandoned in the past few months, I apologize for the abrupt absence. Be assured that you are constantly thought of. When the time is right, I will also slowly reveal how chaotic my life is right now 😛 Meanwhile, kindly offer me your patience 😉

I composed this post last Saturday before falling asleep halfway through…

Will write soon.

Good night!


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