Spiritual Mind Block

Despite how I appear to enjoy ‘multi-tasking’, I have to admit I am never quite a multi-tasker. It’s rather prominent and in many occasions, I pretty much can just handle one thing at a time.

So I started to set constant reminder in my head to alert myself if I go into the attempt mode of multi-tasking; be it in action or in thoughts. Sometimes, I can even be listening to many concurrent conversations while trying to focus on one. I know you’ll prolly call that just being plain nosy. But seriously. It’s like a ‘gift’ that is a ‘curse’.

My work has been ramping up real drastic since last week. I have to put on hold many things because I just simply cannot find time to think about them. However, being a natural ‘magnet’ to things around me, I seem to be attracting more and more things that required my attention; one way or another. Being me, I would certainly love to address them all. I guess it’s a sense of security for the insecurity side of me. *Urk* Nasty!

As a result, i’m going through this major spiritual mental block now as I struggle to prepare for this Sunday worship. If you’re a WL, you’ll prolly know how it’s like to pray and plan for the worship. This week is a total struggle. I look at the passage and everything is just blank. When I finally feel something is brushing the corner of my brain, the thought just go *poof*! I cant even capture it! Argh! Total frustration. Now I’m pressing for time and I can feel my mind is not capable of focussing. I want to read my book, I want to respond to my emails, I want to plan for tomorrow’s countless meetings, I want…this…and…this…. Gahhhh!

At times like this, I really wish the Holy Spirit will just break down the walls of my busy brain waves and set my mind straight; and say, “Look, just do this song, this song, this way, this way..” Yea right! Wishful unrealistic thinking.

Struggle struggle. Please help me pray for a peaceful mind so that I can concentrate on the important things first.

Huff puff. Good night world.

P/S: I’m finally able to blog from my phone again ๐Ÿ™‚ *happy*


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