Barely surviving..

4 days into my new role; just 4 days of working this week and I swear it feels like I’ve been beaten up flat!  The amount of exhaustion I’m feeling mentally, physically and psychologically is indescribable.  There hasn’t been a moment of pause in the past few days.  My average working time has shot up again to at least 13 hours excluding lunch breaks.  Hah! Lunch breaks are barely even an hour long these days.  Crazeeee!!!

*Argh* This is totally not what I signed up for…seriously.  Who in the right mind would expect herself to handle two different job scopes at one time? All ramping up to full scale and every darn thing is urgent and requires immediate action!! Arrgh!!! I need another me to work simultaneousness *wails*

I have not been able to attend to anything else outside work.  Nothing. Zipppp!  If this is the rate of my work for the rests of the year… I’m telling you… I’m so gonna throw in the towel… *sobs*  I need time to plan for the important things and I haven’t even the clue of what I’m going to do next.  So many things on my plate now… gosh… *looks around for help*…


But I guess I still have my many blessings to count.  To the least, I think I can consider myself getting along relatively well with my guys.  Albeit being quite a hopeless addition to the team, I would say they have been relatively kind and patient to me.  But I dunno how much of loving kindness they will have to spare for me…

Anyways… it’s the weekend.  First week of 2011 just went by like that.  Unbelievable.  I hope everyone is coping well too.  Need to save up some energy for this weekend of working, practicing, and family.  Lots to do..lots to do… I suddenly feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in the Wonderland… !



One thought on “Barely surviving..

  1. Hey White Rabbit! Nice to see you keeping your brain cells occupied 😉

    Seriously though if you think a foreign nomad with no knowledge whatsoever of programmable logic could be a good sounding board for your management challenges, feel free to give me a shout!

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