A Day In The Life: New Year Eve 2010/2011

I have always wanted to participate in one of Sh1ft.org photography projects.  For so many times I have tried and yet I could never get one completed.  The last project I attempted was the “Nov 26 Things” which I could barely finish up half of the list.

Hence, with Jup told me about the “A Day In The Life” for NYE/NYD, I was convinced I could attempt that.  Afterall, the rules are pretty simple; snap a photo every hour with a minimum of 6 photos and no more than 24 photos.  And as a matter of fact, the project really did help me appreciate my day better 🙂  I didn’t manage to keep up till New Year’s Day though 😛

Since I haven’t the chance to make a final tribute to 2010, I guess this would be a nice way of wrapping up my year 😉



Happy New Year folks!




6 thoughts on “A Day In The Life: New Year Eve 2010/2011

    • Hey Tracey! Thanks for popping by 😀 Looking forward to the next project which I hope I’ll get to complete 🙂
      Blessed New Year to you & all the cuties at home 😀

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