So much of CHANGE Management!

From time to time you have heard me talking about my uber reluctance towards “Change” in life.  I have been seeking for opportunities to make some changes in my life particularly in my career but for the past 4.5 years since my last transfer, I haven’t been having much luck.  Recently, I have even come to the extent where I was all set to press some kind of RESET button and start anew (talk about being realistic).  But little would I have expected, the events that have taken place in this couple of months have made so much changes in my life! How ironic!  Just when I’m trying to slow down before I hit the next milestone of my life, now, I have to handle all the changes that are coming from all directions in my life.

Today, marks the final working day of 2010.  As I bid farewell to a long, exhausting & utterly challenging year at work; I can’t help but feel very sentimental over the fact that when I return next week, I will be sitting in a room with new people discussing about a whole new list of things that I am totally unfamiliar with.  During my conversation with my new boss this morning, he said that by next year this time, I would find myself completely different (not physically!) and would have learnt so much more than what I am today.  How true, and how freaky that sounds.  There are a lot of challenges ahead but just as many have said; just embrace the tests and be positive over the changes.  Oh-Kay.  I will try my best to face all adversities with a s-m-i-l-e 😛  In case I ever moan and groan over my stupid decision to make this career change, kindly remind me of 29 Dec 2011.  I would love to imagine how elated I would feel when I look back at the past 1 year.  Hah!

By now you’d have figured I have successfully convinced myself to take some time off work.  Not exactly going to be on a “holiday” per se; but I do hope to get some of my long overdue to-do list accomplished and spend the rests of the time with my family, cousins and of cos, Bibs.   For one, I sure hope I can have the time to churn out all the terribly expiring (or expired?) posts that I was suppose to have put up long time ago.  I may or may not be able to make it…but we’ll see! 🙂

In the meantime, follow me on Twitter as I update a bit more frequently via Tweets now, than my blog.

Woo hoo!!! NO MORE WORK for the next 5 days!!!!! (I will do all I can to refrain from responding to work emails unless utterly necessary) *proud*




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