Oh no! I missed!!

Gee whiz!  Time has been flying by so quickly and I have been so occupied with things that are going on in my life…. I completely lost track of time!!

I didn’t even notice it’s already Dec 6 and that’s like 4 days after Dec 2 (stating the obvious).  My point is…. ofcompleterandomness.wordpress.com just celebrated its 2nd Birthday!! 😀

*smack forehead*

How could I have forgotten! I’m so sorry sweetie pie.  Will make up to you by trying to write a bit more often in the coming weeks before 2010 ends.  Hopefully….

Happy Belated Birthday, OCR!


Stats for 2010:

197 Posts             314 Comments               3 Themes used (I think)

Not too bad for a lazy & unhappening year.. 😛


Just as last year, it would be nice if you could leave me a comment at this post so that I know you have been following.  Would love to just say “Hi!” 😀


In case you are interested, this was how I did in 2009 🙂


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