New “church” in town?

Another random conversation with my Ex-Boss. This time, we started off on shopping and deviated to death followed by his take on returning to church *cough blood*

Ex-Boss: The RIP home cannot… need to wait for you first
Ex-Boss: Else I will stay in shack near longkang
Ex-Boss: Why do that when I can bum with my rich holy holy friend who accumulates much riches up there 😉
Ex-Boss: I’m sure u can spare 1 teensy room in that mansion
Ex-Boss: Fully equipped with 100″ LCD TV and 10000Gbits broadband
OCR: Muahahahhaa
OCR: See how u behave
OCR: Maybe I’ll offer u my fluffy pillow. i’ll keep my water bed
Ex-Boss: Wat la
Ex-Boss: I encourage you
Ex-Boss: I ‘inspire’ you
OCR: Cis Cis
OCR: When are you ever coming back to church??
OCR: Your “passport” long time not renewed ok
Ex-Boss: Need to find it first
Ex-Boss: Last time was 3 yrs ago before I got sucked back into the rat race
Ex-Boss: ala Six Sense… I see Bugs everywhere
OCR: 3 yrs dy!! Time to get back on track Brader! 😉
OCR: No more excuses. Find a church nearby la.
OCR: Easier to make yourself commit 🙂
OCR: Naboh, come travel to PG every Sunday 😀
Ex-Boss: I have… it’s called Tesco!
Ex-Boss: 🙂


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