Stew Pork Leg with Preserved Veg (请姐猪场咸菜)

The stew pork leg is almost always in our itinerary for breakfast.  Usually, we will wake up very early in the morning and go to the Kim Yong market to roam around and savor some street food.  Then, we will adjourn to this shop that sells stew pork leg.  You can find the same delicacy almost in every part of Thailand but we are just used to this shop and it is always pack with people.

Most Asians are used to having rice in the morning.  I for one find it perfectly normal since I do that very often at home too 😀  This shop also serves the pork-mix soup which basically contains all the pork spare parts (intestines) boiled with preserved vegetable and garnished with my most hated Chinese coriander & spring onions (*yuck*).  This soup is very light in flavor and goes very well with the rests of the fatty meat options.  For those who doesn’t like the intestines, maybe you should skip this.

Up next is the ever famous roasted pork!  Fatty and crispy.  It’s a perfect sinful start.  Every bite will be filled with guilt but yet you cannot resist the thinly sliced roasted pork.  Must have if you ever visit the shop!!  Just make sure you go on foot instead of Tuk-Tuk to burn off the fats! 😛

Then, comes the main attraction which is the stew pork leg.  Lying beneath the meat is a puddle of preserved vegetable and choi sum.  The gravy is awesome and best eaten with rice 🙂  You can find this similar dish in PG at the Genting Coffee Shop…but it is still a far fetch from the real deal.

We usually order everything for 2 pax-sharing.  You can reduce the portion if you only want to sample cos all of the above should be eaten with rice 😀  The coffee shop owner also makes pretty good local coffee.  In total, we spend THB820 for 3 bowls of soup, 2 plates of roasted pork and 2 plates of stew pork leg.


Stew Pork with Preserved Veg (请姐猪场咸菜)

Sorry, no address in the business card

Tel: 086-2852533, 089-4665950

Opens for morning breakfast till lunch

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2 thoughts on “Stew Pork Leg with Preserved Veg (请姐猪场咸菜)

    • Hello! I have searching for the info but realized I don’t have the business card anymore. It is along Lamaysongkoa Road, Hatyai Songkhla 90110. If you find this Crab place call BANKAMPU (22/4-5), the stew pork shop is just directly opposite. Good luck!

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