Sesame Ball in Ginger Syrup

This little shop is a newly found place in the recent trip.  With just a humble narrow shop lot, the stall seems to be well known amongst locals.  They mainly sell dumplings with black sesame paste inside.  The ginger soup that they boil the dumpling with is simply awesome! What’s more when the weather is cold 🙂

The shop is located at the same row as the Kaneng Restaurant.  When you exit the Kaneng Restaurant, it is towards your right.  You won’t miss it if it is opened.  It’s right next to a massage salon.   It is only opened in the evening until 10PM (local time).

They also have a menu of soups that seems pretty good.  We saw some customers who came and ordered just the soup and have rice along with them.  I reckon they are equally yummy.  Will try next time 🙂

Note that the signboard at the shop says “Sesame Bill in Ginger Syrup”.  *tee hee*




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