Sawoei Restaurant

I’ve been stuck with Sawoei since the first time we were introduced to this restaurant.  Before you imagine how fantabulous the food is, let me clarify that the main attraction wasn’t really the food 😛 The lady boss of Sawoei Restaurant has the scariest coolest hairstyle ever! Look at this.  LOLx.  I’m not kidding.  And she loves to wear leopard preenz! LOLx.

Anyways, back to the food part *chuckles* Sawoei has some very good dishes, especially the extra spicy ones.  Other common dishes are not so great.  The first time I tried the mega-spicy sour soup (a.k.a. Kang Som)…I almost died from the spiciness! But yet it’s so addictive that you just keep going back to it and then kick yourself for the torturing burning sensation down your throat to your stomach.. *Pssssstttttt* (acid…!! *kaboomz*).  If you like spicy stuffs and Tom Yam is too common for you, go ahead and try Kang Som.  You can order it as a steam fish or as a soup that goes with seafood/prawn/etc.  One thing to note about Sawoei, they have limited language understanding.  Recently they seem to have hired a young chap who can understand some English.  Otherwise, you’ll have to point at the menu (with pics) to order 😀

I’ll show you some of the food I’ve tried in Sawoei during the recent trip and also the past one.  Will let you know which one I like 😀


Barbecue Thai Pork

This is one of our favorite in Sawoei.  If you have tried the same dish at Goh Teo Kee in PG, this is similar but much more fragrant from the marinate and BBQ-ing.  The dish is usually served with some raw veg that goes well with the pork & the special sauce.

Stir Fry Thai Vege

Ok…this one I’m pretty sure it’s not called “Thai Vege” but if you don’t know what to describe it when you’re at the restaurant, you can just call it “Thai Vege”.  For M’sians, you’ll be familiar with this if you have been to the East of M’sia because this vegetable is a common food.  It’s like fern (Paku Pakis).  I like this very much.  You can order this dish with sambal.


Thai Curry Balitung

I created the name of this dish 😛 I still don’t know what is Balitung called in English.  It’s some kind of shellfish that looks somewhat like a Whelk but I’m very positive it is not.  I have not eaten a Balitung in my life until this dish simply because this fella has been de-shelled and cooked in this amazing mind-blowing curry! Everyone who has tried this (with my recommendation) agrees that this is the bestest thing on earth!! Okok… exaggerated a little 😛 By now you would know my knowledge of ingredients is very limited, hence I don’t know how to tell you what is the leaf used to cook this curry dish.  All I can say is, TRY IT!! But be warned that this is a mega spicy dish 😀 Awesome when eaten with piping hot rice! *droolz to max*


Kerabu Glass Noodle (Glass Noodle Salad)

This dish came by accident.  Someone must have gotten the order wrong and it somehow landed on our table.  As the close-up shot shows, the glass noodle that they used was wayyyyyyyyyy fatter than any of the glass noodles I’ve ever seen in my life!  This salad has a very refreshing taste despite not a fruity one.  The peanuts complemented the sauce very well and that blended perfectly with the glass noodle that was basically tasteless on its own 🙂  Worth a try.

Stir Fry Asparagus

Nothing special.  Just asparagus.  Would have been nicer if it’s cooked in sambal.

Kerabu Pomelo (Pomelo Salad)

We were recommended to try this dish instead of the usual Kerabu Mango.  Turned out pretty good.  There was this unique taste in the sauce that made this salad very interesting.  Not very spicy but addictive.  Nice.

Lemon Steam Fish

Hmm…I won’t recommend this fish.  Perhaps something simple would do the fish some justice.  The dish also came without a burner that would keep the fish warm.  Not so good.  Plus, it took them very long to serve the dish.  We were probably very full by then (or rather saving up our stomach for dessert!)

And from my last trip to Sawoei, these were the dishes that we didn’t repeat this round cos they weren’t that good.

White Tomyam

Claypot Glass Noodle Prawn


If you ever visit the restaurant, remember to try the Thai Curry Balitung! 😀



Sawoei Restaurant

Add: 41 Sol 10, RajUthit Road

Tel: (074) 424979


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