Kim Yong Market

Amongst ourselves, we always refer to the Kim Yong Market as the “Small Market”.  I never knew the actual name of this market until I decided to put up this post.  I hope I got the name correct based on the location of the map.  There are a few markets in Hatyai; located sporadically all around the Hat Yai town but the ones well known to tourists would be the Kim Yong and the Suntisook Market (I think this is the one that we refer to as “Big Market”).  Basically all these market places sell similar products; local and some imported products from neighboring countries such as M’sia and S’pore.

For us, we would usually get up very early in the morning so that we can catch the market in action.  The market is always pack with people by as early as 6.30AM (local time).  Tuk-tuks, vans, bikes, people..they are just squeezing their way into and out of the market.  On both sides of the road, you’ll be greeted with a parade of stalls selling all sorts of stuffs ranging from fruits to vegetables, dried raw ingredients to cooked local delicacies, fresh flowers to edible flowers! So much for your eyes and your stomach to feast on!

Most of the time, we cannot resist buying these food.  As always, we try to taste food that are cooked on the spot to avoid getting any stomach upset 😛 Hehe.  But if you cannot control your curiosity over those colorful & tempting food, then by all means…JUST EAT! Lolx.

Food sold here are cheap.  It can go as low as THB10 and as high as you can purchase.  Fruits here are actually quite good – big and not too pricey (depending on your bargaining skills).  Of course, knowing how you stick out as a tourist, the locals will tend to charge you higher for the non-cooked products such as fruits, flowers, vegetables and dried materials (dried chili, dried shrimps, spices, etc).  Bargain your way around!

The Thais are really good with their hands.  Food are most of the time presented in miniature sizes, drenched in eye-catching colors! Almost irresistible until you realize the amount you have bought and begin to wonder how you are going to finish them 😛  So, what we would do is assign only 1 person to buy while others can chip in their personal requests.  That way, we have at least 1 person to control & ration the food 😛  After getting all our purchases, we’ll find a coffee shop along the road to sit down and enjoy our local breakfast.  As expected, you’ll have to order your drinks (coffee/tea/milo/etc) and probably also some food sold at the shops.  One of the commonly seen “hawker” food is the local noodle prepared either in clear soup or dried (not with dark soya’s clear).  Sorry, no pics of the noodles.  Another time perhaps!

If you crave Dim Sum, you can find them easily in the market too.  Nothing lavish.  If you prefer some rice to start your day off, then you can hop over to the rice stalls that sells Belacan Fried Rice, Thai style of “Nasi Lemak” :P, Thai style fried noodles, etc.  Enough of carbo supply to fulfill your cravings!  If you think you are feeling lucky, you can even try your luck on the Thai Lotto 😛

Most of the food are familiar to us.  Just prepared slightly differently.  Their version of “Chee Cheong Fun” (steamed rice flour sheet) is very different from ours.  I noticed that their food are generally bland and requires a lot of chilli or some Thai sauce to bring in the tastes.

This is one of our favorite – BBQ pork satay!

One of our must-haves – mini Siu Mai (pork dumpling).  It’s nothing special, we just like it that’s all 😛

Local version of “Char Siew” – not as good as ours.

When you are done with the streets, you can head into the indoor section of the Market which is basically just the adjacent shops.  After having been to Cambodia, I discovered these 2 countries actually have a lot of similarity.  For a start, the local markets are like a maze! If you ever get lost in one…just remember one thing… head towards the light! 😀

Now that you are done with the market, if you think you are still hungry…head straight to the Stew Pork Leg with Preserved Veg (请姐猪场咸菜)!  You can never stop eating when you are in Thailand! 😀 Enjoy!!


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    • Hello there! Indeed everything looks interesting and eye-catching 😀 Hope you’ll get your Dim Sum fix again 😉

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 Cheers!

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