Kaneng Restaurant (甘英饭店))

If you go to Hatyai, this is most likely going to be one of the commonly spoken of restaurant to dine in.  Apparently it is also one of the larger ones in Hatyai with affordable prices and nothing overly commercialized.  I have been to this restaurant a couple of times before the recent trip and have always felt that the Saumsamrarn Restaurant is better.  But I also told in my recent trip that the price has gone up for the latter and the food no longer tastes as good.  Thus, this trip, we actually visited Kaneng Restaurant TWICE! Lolx.

Here, you basically order all your dishes from the menu (with pictures!!).  Most of the waiter/waitresses can speak a little hokkien or mandarin to somewhat assist you in your ordering 😛 You can also try the Thai sugar cane drink but be warn it’s a tad sweet (apparently they cheat and add sugar).  Some of the food I have tried to get you drooling..hehe..

Stew Pork Leg


This is one of the hardest food to describe to non-Asian thanks to the name. I’m not going to try 😛 Just assume it’s some kind of savory Thai fish pudding! lolx

Petai cooked in prawn paste with fresh prawns

Petai (a.k.a bitter/stink beans) is never in my edible list.  But it is apparently rich in all goodness.  If you like it, go ahead.  This dish was suppose to be cooked in sambal (chilli paste) but the order was wrongly taken.  Nonetheless, everyone claims that the petai in Thailand is not pungent and they are more crunchy like nuts.  You judge…

Kerabu Mango (Mango salad)

This is my new found love in Thailand!! Kaneng serves it to perfection!! This is a MUST TRY! The young mangoes in Thailand taste so good and the sauce that they make (fish sauce+sugar i think) just goes so well with it.  Awesome!! Missing it badly already… 😦

Seafood Tomyam

They served us in two different “styles” during our repeated visits – bowl & the usual hotpot (steamboat).

Fried dunno-wat-fish

I apologize… I really do not know what kind of fish is this.  In Cantonese, my sister told me it is called “Zhai 鱼”.  I don’t even know what is the chinese word for it 😛 Anyhow, it’s a relatively small size fish; deep fried but not dried.  Lovely when eaten along with its bones (or not) and dipped into the Thai sauce.

Stir fry Kai Lan with Salted Roasted Pork

This is a common dish in Thailand because pork is one of the main meat they consume.  You can get this dish almost anywhere.  I think Kaneng’s version is not very good cos the meat came out a little soggy (cooked too long in the sauce) and the gravy is a little too starchy for my liking.

The 2nd trip we went to Kaneng, we also tried these..

Fried fish in 3 taste

Not entirely sure if the 3 taste = sweet, sour & spicy.  I think so. Nice crispy fish 🙂

Fried omelet with mince pork & onion

This is nothing spectacular.  As expected, oily.  And yes, you can see we ordered the mango salad again! 😛

Stir fry Kai Lan

Deep Fried Garlic Pork Ribs

This dish is not as dry as it seems.  The ribs are coated with starch before frying hence the pork is still rather tender. I suspect they may have poach the meat before deep frying.  It’s an interesting dish to try, but I doubt I’ll re-order; not that it’s not tasty…it just didn’t leave a fancy impression.

So, there you have it!  Kaneng in Hatyai.  Tell any tuk-tuk driver and they’ll know how to bring you there! 🙂  BTW, our bills for both nights came up to about THB1120 and THB1050.



Kaneng Restaurant (甘英饭店)

Add: 50/3 Kimpradij Road, Hat Yai

Open: 10.30AM – 2PM, 5PM – 9.30PM (Not sure if this has changed)


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2 thoughts on “Kaneng Restaurant (甘英饭店))

    • I know i know! I went pass this place once and it was packed with pple. I have yet to try. Gonna make a mental note to remember 😀 Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

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