DarkChoc hits quarter century!

This post should have been up since Monday but due to great internet connectivity, obviously it didn’t happen.  Nonetheless, my dear brother just celebrated his 25th b’day on Nov 1.   Imagine DarkChoc turning 25…eww.. 😛 hehe..

Pandan jelly cake has been his favorite.  It’s funny how a young chap like him likes this cake. In our family, we usually order this cake for my granny and grandpa 😛 Despite being just 25, I intentionally lit up his cake just to get Pooh Bear and his little friend (Can anyone tell what’s Pooh hugging??**) into the mood. LOLx.  Pardon the heat!

Since the weather hasn’t been all that great the past few days, mum decided to cook some of bro’s favorite food and have a mini-celebration at home instead.  Moreover, most of us just got back from a weekend away.  Enough of outside food.  With mum’s magic hands, dinner seemed to magically appear on the table with the yummiest food ever!!

Roasted chicken – dark enough to resemble DarkChoc!! LOLx!! There was also steam wine prawns but I didn’t manage to take any picture of it by then because my fingers were all dirty and occupied with everything else 😛

Anyways, 2 days late… Happy 25th Birthday!!


** In case you can’t tell…that’s a Piglet Pooh is hugging 😛 Bibs said he looks like a Kangaroo 😛


4 thoughts on “DarkChoc hits quarter century!

  1. Happy Birthday to you, DarkChoc!
    So cute and nice birthday cake you got there….. care to share some? 😛 Or it’s all gone…… 😀

  2. Oh gawsh… you can see that he resembles you a little 🙂 So sweet la, your family… We hardly have family dinners like that in mine. Happy birthday to your Dark Choc! 😀

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