Half awake..

I’m feeling all sleepy and groggy…with probably only 10% of my brains working now.  But I’m gonna try to jumpstart my brain cells cos I’m about to leave for the land of Tomyam!! 😀  I didn’t intend to publish a post before I leave…but I figured I should get sufficient dosage of the internet before I leave for the weekend.  It’s kinda hard to endure 3 days of complete internet-fasting u know…

Anyhow…while I am away…if you are free and if you can get your hands on this movie call “Love Happens”, do watch it.  Just another romantic one which does not require much brain.  I am just drawn to Jennifer Aniston’s job and her name… 🙂

Okie.  Be good and enjoy your weekend.  Do pray that the weather up north is good.  I heard that it has been rainy and flood-y lately 😦  Hopefully not.  Eeek!


Cheers! Goodbye to work!!


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