Thai Food by the Sea

I have read about this little home authentic Thai food for quite a while now.  The reviews seemed convincing and I had always wanted to find a chance to go check out this place by the sea where you can supposedly find homecook authentic Thai food.  So, on Sunday after church, with some persuasion and nudging, Bibs agreed to try out a new place.

Lang Sae Lee – that was the name of this place introduced by most food bloggers.  I am not a food blogger; hence, please forgive me for not documenting the entire “food tasting” in details 😛 For one, I forgot to take a picture of the road where you should turn in from the Weld Quay.  However, since it was our 1st attempt and we found it without any trouble, I would reckon you won’t find it difficult either if you know the island well.  Basically, look out for the TAN Jetty as you travel along Weld Quay.  It’s between the SHELL petrol station and after the bus station of the jetty.  Once you see the TAN Jetty, turn into the road that leads deep in towards the sea.  Keep driving until you see a “Toilet” sign.  Correct.  Toilet.  Cos that’s exactly where Lang Sae Lee is.  Follow this map if you need to.

The weather on Sunday was rather acceptable; humid but yet not too sunny.  Hence, eating by the sea with no sea breeze but only a mere high-speed blowing fan was still bearable (until the spiciness got to us!).  As expected, the sea ain’t clean nor clear..

Not going to write much for now.  Will give you my verdict at the end of the photo trail 🙂

You can see a tiny me doing the “peace” sign there 😛

My honest opinion about my lunch at this humble venue.

Location: Not bad but watch out on the tide as I would reckon the smell may not be too pleasant.

Food: I personally think the this is not really as authentic and of quality as many had commented but it is definitely original in the sense of being cooked by real Thai.  In short, I think this is equivalent to the food that you can find on the streets of Thailand  and not the better restaurants (then again, this is supposedly homecooked). Taste and presentation is acceptable.  White tomyam was awesome!  Beware if you cannot take spicy food.  Mango kerabu was good as well.  Belacan chicken was somewhat dry.  BTW, they also serve Thai Laksa on weekends.

Price: Expensive for portions that size and for a place like this.  White rice was charged at MYR1.00 and drinks MYR1.50 each.  Total cost for lunch was MYR61.00.  Of course, we ordered a lot more than we needed for two because I wanted to try a variety.  Still…I think it’s a little on the high side.   In fact, I noticed they  have increased their price compared to the price I noted from the other blogs.  Oh well, just be prepared…

Cleanliness: Acceptable.

Verdict: I will return especially for the tomyam.  This place is probably more suitable for smaller crowds.  They still have other food in the menu but nothing extravaganza or too complex.  Typical food like pineapple fried rice, deep fried kangkung, fish/prawn cake, etc.

If you like Thai food, I would suggest you try this one even though the price is steep.  I think it is good and if you compare to the price you have to pay at some Thai restaurant that serves you mediocre standard, I think this is alright la once in a while.  Note that they close on every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.  They open from 11.00AM to 9.00PM (not sure if they will close earlier if no customer).

These are the info I get from other blogs:-

Lang Sae Lee Thai Food
97A Tan Jetty
Weld Quay
10300 Penang

Let me know if you have tried it! 🙂


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