Pig goes to Burger King

Babe has gone to city (lame).  So, now Pig goes to Burger King! (double lame..i know) 😛

Because I woke up late, our plans for Dim Sum today conveniently turned into our 1st visit to the newly opened BK.  Despite the fact that BK is technically nothing new, we were still feeling somewhat left out because almost all fast-food junkies around us (ok..with exception of a few more) have already had their tries of the newbie in the island.

There wasn’t a crowd today which I reckoned the hype has gone down (sooner than I thought) but later I realized it could also be due to the vegetarian festival (the 9 King something something).  Hence, it was good for us.  We get to pick a comfy seat outside where it is less BK-smelling.  Bibs chose the Whooper (of cos. MYR13.70) and I opted for the Mushroom Swiss (since no longer have the bacon burger. MYR7.25).  We sized up the set to a large and changed the fries to onion ring (additional of MYR1.50).  And out of greediness, I also requested to try the Tender Chicken (6 pcs. MYR7.00).  Lunch in total cost us MYR 30.90.  Hmmm…..I still think Ronald is more generous.

We both agreed that our impression of BK burgers used to be larger than what we actually got today.  And the beef patties in the Whooper were definitely not as juicy as it used to be.  The Mushroom Swiss barely had any presence of mushroom and wasn’t really as good as what others had described it.  But knowing I’m not a mushroom fan, I found the burger a little overly mushroomy in flavor (which of cos is good for those who likes mushroom).  The thing is, if they had use fresh, good mushroom…the taste is definitely not like this.  But I liked the Tender Chicken strips..it’s nicer than the McNuggets for sure though cost much more.  The onion ring was crispy but lack flavor and a little too much batter.

Considering how hungry Bibs were and how small the portions were…we cleared our order in not time.  But sat for a little while just chatting and watching the view from where we were sitting.  Not bad actually given a relatively good weather today.  Still hot; not burning to the least.

So, our verdict? Location: Good.  First impression: Not so good.  Experience: So-so.  Price: High.  Chance of returning: Slim (maybe).

BTW, this thing caught my attention.  Would anyone be tempted to try this colorful dessert?

Hehehe…you definitely can’t get this at the Ronald’s! LOLx.

Go get your BK today and try it out to know if it still meets your expectation! 🙂






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