Monthly Packaging Line

It’s been almost 7 months since I took over the duty of packing medicine from my couz who has moved to Sban with her family.  This is a monthly affair which I am still not very relaxed about.  I mean, I’m packing medicine for my 84yo granny who is a little senile and in need of a lot of medication to sustain her through the remaining years.  Of cos I’m stressed about it! Imagine packing the wrong dosage… *hik* That’s like a whole month of either overdosed or underdosed.  Either one just doesn’t sound good.

Alternate weeks are differentiated by the sun sticker at the bottle cap

But I’m slowly getting better at it although I still make mistakes here and there.  The 1st month I started on my own, I calculated the wrong medicine supply to buy from the pharmacy.  Hence, halfway through the packing, I realized I only have enough supply of 1 particular medicine which only lasts for 2 weeks.  Panic! Had to get the supply before I could continue.  You see…I work very routinely and mechanically.  I cannot function when certain process gets interrupted.  That said, I won’t proceed until all bottles are accounted for and all medicine supply is sufficient to complete the whole task! *pathetic look*

When Granny’s senile doesn’t act up, she can sometimes tell what medicine has changed just by looking at the colors & sizes

Granny takes 14 pills a day.  On alternate weeks, she gets to layoff Vit B since it causes constipation when she takes it on weekly basis.  10 pills for the morning and 4 for the evening.  That’s really a lot of medicine if you ask me.  It’s no wonder that even my senile Granny is capable of finding small little tricks (quite funny ones too) to hide her medication and denies it when we confront her 😛 What makes her tricks funny is the fact that she always hide them in the same place ^.^ And whenever caught red handed…she will suddenly put on that super innocent look and tells us.. “Wa ng zai…” (I dunno in Hokkien).  Kekeke…

Big numberings to clearly label the week #s and different sizes of bottles to ensure no mistakes on differentiating the morning and night dosages

In order to facilitate my aunt’s routine in distributing the daily bottles to her (this is to prevent her from trying to hide her medicine again!), every week’s package is carefully labeled to ensure the alternation between 14 pills and 13 pills are correctly done.  Otherwise, my granny may suddenly get cranky from the constipation! LOLx 😛  Not funny!!

Night dosage is the least but also the largest pills.  Moon label for night bottles

Anyways, despite the stress that I go through every time I do this (cos I always have to refresh my memory!), I actually find this little responsibility quite therapeutic.  Yea, packing 392 pills at one go can be very calming to the mind.  It’s almost like playing congkak! *tee hee*  It’s one of my favorite traditional game that I truly miss a lot.


Orait.  I’m drop dead tired dy.  It’s been a very long day.  CG tonight was great fun.  I hope Bishop doesn’t find us overly noisy during fellowship! LOLx.

Good night folks.  Have a pleasant weekend.  Toodles!





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