Sis just introduced this mega scrubber for me to use a while ago when I took my shower.  I thought she was kidding when she said it feels like scrubbing your body with coarse sea salt!  1 squeeze of the exfoliating gel – 1 rub against my body – I squealed! “What is that?? Sand ar??!!”  And evil laugh from her echoes..

I am serious. I have never come across another product with such coarse micro-beads (or rather macro-beads as my sis puts it!).  But the after feeling is really amazing.  My skin definitely feels so much smoother (knowing how often I actually bother to scrub).  However, there’s this tingling sensation even after you have wash off the scrub.  That’s because the exfoliate gel also contains some amount of AHA which helps to “renew” your skin after scrubbing off the dead ones.  Despite what the product says about using it 1 to 2 times a week; I would reckon if you still want to keep your epidermis, you had better just keep it as once a week! LOLx.

Get a tube of L’oreal Exfotonic from any L’oreal counter.  Not too sure how much it costs Update: I checked the price at Guardian – selling at MYR34.90 a tube. Should lasts you for quite a while (if you don’t over do it :P)Jokingly told my sis that I’m better off swallowing the whole tube of gel so that it will just scrub off all the layers of fats inside and leave me much slimmer and lighter! ROTFLMAO.  Trying too hard I know 😛



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