White. Pink. Lavender.

That was the theme for tonight’s wedding.  Finally, KKK and YM can peacefully lead their marriage life and not bother about another wedding preparation stress 😀 I’m glad that tonight’s reception went smoothly with only a minor technical glitch.  At least this helps compensate back a little on the hiccups at the Ipoh reception..hehe. If you know what happened during the church holy matrimony, you’ll find it funny too 😀

It’s interesting how things happen in your life where you least expects it.  I have known YM since primary school and we went for the same art tuition class back then.  I always remember the art competition which we both entered together; it was about some Anti-drugs campaign which was held in Komtar! I can even remember how my poster looks like 😛 Funny how we haven’t kept in touch for ages since we left school and she turned out to be KKK’s gf (by now, wife).  Glad to be able to be part of her wedding albeit many last minute arrangements 😛

Believe it or not, this is my first wedding coordination in 2010.  I have taken a very good break for the year after the many hectic events in 2009.  It is a privilege to work with such great crew from the hotel and meeting new people too.  Hopefully someday I’ll be able to channel some business for those vendors too.  Had a casual conversation with the official photographer and he asked when will I go full time (he quit his job 3 months ago to be a full time professional photographer).  Hmm…. I guess it is isn’t really my calling yet! LOLx.

Anyways, I’m about to crash in bed dy.  Fever has been ongoing for the past 2 days.  I’m so thankful that the last Panadol I took at 4PM kept me alive till now.  Tonight, I’ll just have to figure a way to breathe in sufficient oxygen now that my nose is completely blocked! *stuffy nose*

Leaving you with a tragic photo of my poor Mocha.  As you would be able to guess it….it’s the great work of my terrible brother! *sigh* I pity my son… 😦 If you don’t know about all the horror Mocha had to go through thanks to his psycho uncle…read this and this

Good night everyone.  Sleep tight and have a great Sabbath! 🙂


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