First Sunday of October

I ran out of idea for the post title

My nose have been stuffy for whole day.  Feels like my brain have been deprived of oxygen for a long time 😛 Just got back from dinner at mainland.  Tried the fish head + yam steamboat..which wasn’t too bad.  Just a little lack in fish head though.  But overall it was a good family dinner cos I get to play with my little nephew who is growing up to be a super cheeky and hyperactive boy! Gonna need a lot of patience to deal with this fella.  I truly salute parents who have to handle their kid(s).  It’s really a tough responsibility.  I bet I’ll need a lot of patience if I have a kid that is as hyperactive and cheeky! *gulp*

Got home tonight to find another torturing sight.  Seriously, I think DarkChoc suffers from some kind of Suppressed Creativity Syndrome.  He is lashing out his talent on my poor son.  While I’m kinda proud of his hidden talent, I sure hope my son does not have to be the sacrifice…I don’t know how long he can withstand such torment.. *sobs*

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned, I should be booking my car 🙂  It’s gonna be this little fella but just in white color for budget reason 😛 I don’t really bother about it anyways.  But I won’t get my car till early next year.

In the meantime, I’m just very thankful for God’s provision to enable this big purchase.  It’s a huge milestone for me 🙂 Hopefully with my own transport, I’ll be able to relieve Bibs a little on his chauffeuring duties 😛 Hehe.  Anyways, still a long way more to go..

Okies. Gonna head to bed in a jiffy… Good nite & have a good working week! 🙂


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