How’s everyone?

I’m completely exhausted now; I can just crash on my bed any second (that’s if I don’t slam my face down on my lappie first).  I’m still struggling to stay awake to wait for a phone call which is supposedly to discuss the program flow for the upcoming wedding dinner.  It’s been almost an hour since I acknowledge my availability..I think I’ll have to switch to sleep mode soon and spare myself the wait…

Got home a while ago after meeting my XEE trainer whom I’m paired up with as prayer partner.  It’s really nice to see her.  I wanted so much to tell her that I have “checked her out” in FB (though not very clear photo) but of cos…I refrained from doing that in case she thinks I’m some kind of stalker-wannabe! I just think it helps to know who you are interceding for that’s all.  Anyways, she’s a really lovely lady from KayElle; a retired teacher.  She spoke Cantonese to me and voila… we just clicked *grinz* Guess her team mates will enjoy having her as their trainer.

Just thought I’ll do a quick shoutout to all.  Hope you guys are doing well at your end.  I know Cookies is working super hard on her assignments – 加油!!!  JenC is prolly busy now with her new found PT job which I can tell she really enjoys every bit of it – keep the energy pumping!! JJ just got back from a nice holiday..I think you are still waiting for your engine to start running – hang in there..will see you tomorrow for lunch? Nomad is still enjoying home and work too (i hope?)…haven’t much time to catch up with you recently due to my internet downtime – all things well at your end? Godiva? 😛 RogerTi buzzed me today and it seems like marriage life still does not get you homemade breakkie – lolx, it’s just needed someone to do your laundry!!Others that I haven’t mention…my brain is not really working so please forgive me.  Do know that you are always on my mind (just prolly not at this moment when I’m sleepy :P) and Holler if you need me, k?!

So folks, whatever you are up to, remember to give Thanks and count your Blessings 🙂  Know that God is with you no matter where you are and what you are doing.  Stay strong and stay close to Him.

With love + bolster..


4 thoughts on “How’s everyone?

  1. Yeap, my engine is yet to start, I guess. hmm…. probably in 1st gear already, just don’t know where heading to. 🙂

    mana for lunch?

  2. Feeling a bit lonely, to be honest… At least work keeps/me from thinking too much! Hey, thanks for the shoutout 🙂

  3. Hehehe… hope i have the energy to run both places… 😛
    Just trying to keep myself busy and learn new things as I go…..

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