Sometimes, but not too often..

Occasionally Bibs and I just prefer to stay in over the weekend and spend some quiet time together.  It’s always great when we can cook up something simple and laze on the couch watching TV or dramas.  Nothing luxurious or fancy; just us and our little space..

He would usually fix up the soup (R: lotus root soup), while I’ll take care of the other side dishes (T: Sesame Oil Chicken, B: Stir Fry Choy Sum).  I don’t know what Choy Sum is actually called in English.  Anyone knows?

Stir fry Choy Sum with leftover black pepper pork and beef.  Fry Seabass with Caramelized Ginger.   Choy Sum is a common vegetable for us because it is one of the easiest vegetable to store and versatile enough for Bibs to add greens to his food even during the weekdays (commonly found in his instant noodles :P).

On lazy weekends, we’ll definitely have our nice coffee breaks with home-brewed coffee and pastries to satisfy the snacky desires.  Ahhh… I love weekends like that 🙂  Especially after many weeks of busy weekends; sit back and relax.  Nice… *meltz into the sofa*

What do you like to do occasionally? 🙂


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