Lazy Saturday

I cannot describe how lazy I feel today.  I think if I do not have the need to step out of my house, I will definitely not even bother to shower or wash up.  Simply becos I feel like I could just stay in bed forever and ever…! *urk* I am THAT lazy today.

It’s been 4 hours since I got my lazy butt off my bed, but I’m still in my PJ…and YouTube-ing all the way.  Watching almost anything that pops up at the “Recommended” list.  Pathetic isn’t it.  And my bed is calling out to me – tempting me to just roll back on to my spongey springy bed and just nap the rests of the day away.. ZZzzzZzzzzZZzz… how to resist?? It’s my purple Power Puff Girls!!

Side track.  My tummy has been feelin really cranky since the buffets that I had been having this week.  I swear I did not go all out on the food (wasn’t that great anyways), but somehow my stomach feels so violated and has been acting up on me pretty badly 😦 It hurts when food cannot be digested properly u know… *sobs* Even chia seeds feel so difficult to digest now… *sigh*

I’m going to motivate myself now to get on my bucket full of laundry which has been soaking in the giant red bucket for the past 2.5 hours!! Anyone kind enough to help me with it?? 😦 In case you don’t know, I don’t use the washing machine…simply because 1) Idunohowtouseit….. 2) I don’t trust washing machines… (unless I’m mega lazy..and if I know how to operate that fler!) haha.  So…I’m gonna go do my laundry now…followed by a nice, cleaning shower…and then it will be my facial regime… scrub scrub…mask…and squeeky clean! 😀

Bought this new scrub last week (Update: Selling at Guardian for MYR19.90) and had been using it on alternate days. Indeed not drying.  Just not too sure on the “64% less blackheads” claim.  I haven’t quite seen that happening yet.. Perhaps it’s a way of proving that I originally have 164% blackheads!! *face on palm* Nevermind.  Loads of breakouts on my skin lately.  My face will be thanking me for the mini “spa” after my hardwork (laundry)…

Cheers.  Have a lazy wazy pazy Saturday!



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