I’m feeling really bored lately when I have nothing intense to work on.  By that, I don’t mean I’m free.  I just mean I want to work on things that does not require any brains.  Selling mooncake was a fantastic outlet for me.  Repetition.  Brainless.  Smile.  Talk.  Pack. Done deal.  Repeat again.

I have tonnes of work waiting for me to respond to but I just can’t get myself to concentrate.  Most of the time, I just pick the easiest from the lot and work on it.  Then, I sit on the rests…… Procrastinate I am. Not good, I know.  Arrgh!  I need some kind of inspiration and motivation.  Some kind of short term goal to work towards.  My next vacation is very far away from now.  Like..6 weeks.

How ar?  When I’m bored, I eat.  When I eat, I eat a lot.  When I eat a lot, I grow fatter and fatter.  When I grow fatter and fatter, I have more digestion problems.  When I have more digestion problems, I get more ulcers.   When I get more ulcers, I’m in constant pain and agony.  When I’m in constant pain and agony, I feel frustrated and I just want to eat.  Do you realize it’s a vicious cycle? *pulls hair*

Anyways, I ate them.  Yes.  All of them.

I was hungry.  And I finally found the one which has pineapple jam in it.  The other two has green bean pastes I think.

Waiting eagerly to leave work now but DarkChoc is still stuck in the lab 😦 That’s one bad thing about car pooling.  Either of us will always have to end up waiting for one another. *huff puff*

Anyways.  It’s Mid-autumn tomorrow.  I made a vow to wallop this fella by then.  I will try to have no mercy *Sharpen my fangs*

Update: I had mercy. Haven’t eaten the fella……….yet.



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