Toilet Manners: How do you queue?

Having worked in the mall over the past 2 weekends, there’s this growing impatience in me on the toilet etiquettes in Malaysia; particularly in this island.  I noticed it’s not that bad in KayElle..but it’s just prominent and consistent here!

For the benefit of those who cannot imagine how it is like in the ladies (who knows, maybe it’s very different in the gents), this is what usually happens.  Public toilets in Malaysia are usually built in stall-like structure.  In other words, every toilet has a few connected cubicles/stalls.  You can often find seated toilets and squatting ones too for the benefit of those who need one or the other (won’t go into that).  When you enter the ladies and there’s a crowd, very often than not, you’ll find multiple mini-queues right outside each stall. That scene is as opposed to what you would imagine a queue to look like.  It’s as though everyone treats each stall as a McDonald counter.  Having said that, you could have arrived earlier but if you happen to be unlucky and picked on the stall which takes a gazillion years to vacate; could be standing there for a good 30 minutes or more…

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am definitely not saying that it is wrong to occupy a toilet stall for a long time (for whatever personal reasons you have..hopefully a legitimate one).

I just think we should seriously educate our people to it the right way.  Doesn’t it make more sense to queue up in one common line and just wait for your turn?? I.e. You enter whichever stall that vacates and suits your needs (seating/squatting) when your turn comes.  Hence, there wont be an issue of trying to stand somewhere in between 2 stalls and hope that no one will notice and thus gives you a 50:50 chance of entering one earlier.  Why make going to the toilet so stressful?  And worse when you see some ladies squeezing past the queue just so she could push violently at every doors of the stalls as though you have been idiotic enough not to notice one which is empty!

You see…It frustrates me even more over the weekend because I have to stand working for hours in a stretch.  So, when I need the toilet… I REALLY mean INIDIT!  And imagine my agony (and desperation) when I keep watching insensitive people cut the queue and start the trend of mini-queues; leaving me staggering in line only to risk having my kidneys collapse and fail? God Bless those who have weak kidneys really.  I was even more disappointed and angry when an elderly lady was trying to make her way into the toilet and some youngsters think they could outsmart the others by going straight to their self-appointed-throne!  What happened to the moral values?

*sigh*  Really folks….educate the people around you.  Please.  A queue is there for a reason.  You’re not in a fast food chain or the supermarket paying for your groceries!  Chill.  And respect others.

To better toilet manners!

3 thoughts on “Toilet Manners: How do you queue?

  1. HAHAHA!!! I totally agree with you man!!! :S Hate the multiple queues in front of each toilet door… Coz I was the one inside the toilet stall once… doing some important big business 😛 and I was so stressed and pressured, coz there were so many people waiting outside my door. Argh.

  2. I queue the right way but when others cut my line then i have no choice lor – gotta pick a door, hope that the person is not doing #2 and stand in front. :S

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