Seeds and its effect..

I don’t know how many of you have heard of the Chia Seeds, or scientifically known as Salvia Hispanica.  I have recently come to know about this seed which apparently has been labeled as Super Food by all nutritionists and doctors.  In fact, it is nothing new or new age about it; the Chia Seeds had been grown and consumed in Mexico many many years ago.  I have been reading up about these seeds for a while since I came to know about them and it seems like there is barely any negative feedback about this natural food.  Instead, all I have seen so far are just great benefits of taking them.

(Source: Wikipedia)

The seeds are high in Omega 3, fiber, anti-oxidants.  The recommended dosage of the seeds is about 20-30g (3 tablespoons) daily.  Of course, one should not treat the seeds as supplements but rather replacement of our food source.  Hence, there is really no “guideline” as to how much or how little you can consume the seeds.  I guess it ultimately boils down to the fact of how much you can afford.

Back to the benefits, according to the website (one of the brands that sells the seeds), a 25g of seeds is equivalent to

  • 100gm of Spinach for iron source
  • 75gm of Oat for fiber source
  • 136ml of Milk for calcium source
  • etc..

(Source: – click on image)

People who are taking the seeds on regular basis have experience a lot of benefits from it.  That includes diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, gastric, IBS, and many many more.  Even those who suffer from depression (not sure what level of it), or mental illness (again, not sure of details) have experienced significant improvement; mainly because of the Omega 3 source from the seeds.

When you actually read up about the Chia Seeds, you’ll understand why is it that I am still feeling somewhat skeptical about it.  I have just started taking these seeds for about 5.5 days now.  I have to be very honest about my journey with these seeds – it hasn’t been pleasant.  I was already warned about it when I bought the seeds.  Apparently when you just begun consuming the seeds, your body may respond differently to them.  Basically if you are currently suffering any form of illness or physically problems, the conditions might flare up even more or simply gets amplified.  Some people may experience otherwise; while some may not even feel anything drastic but just observe gradual improvement in terms of immunity, body weight, allergy, stamina, energy, concentration, etc.

I, on the other hand, just happens to be one of those that are going through the not so lovely ride.  The past 3 days have been very painful – literally.  Knowing that I have been having digestion and gastric problems for years, the seeds have somehow made it worse for me.  I can sometimes feel like I have gastric cum indigestion together..not to mention having the feeling like I have a brick stuck at the tip of my stomach pressing against my diaphragm area.  Awful I tell you.  I’m also beginning to feel very hot inside and sleeping at night is really difficult too.  I tend to turn and toss around mainly because of the discomfort i feel in my stomach and the heat from within.  I was already warned of the insomnia part; I just didn’t expect it to really happen.  Now that I am at the 5th day, I am slowly adjusting my dosage and ensuring that I do not consume the seeds too late in the day.  Today, is it getting better partly also because I am slowing down the intake and cutting it earlier; before 5PM.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Taking the seeds is really easy.  All you have to do is add them to your water or natural fruit/vege juices; shake well and let it soak in the liquid for a while.  After 20 mins, you can start to drink them; just like how you would drink your water.  I usually add some honey to it and/or lemon juice especially in the morning.  This can go one for the rests of the day.  I don’t encourage you to take all the 3 tablespoons at one go….I think you won’t like that feeling.  It’s almost like you are all stuffed with food and it gets really uncomfortable.  Anyways, it’s really something that you have to adapt and adjust as you take the seeds…

So…I dunno how this is going to be.  Will see if my condition gets better as I continue with the drinks.  Let’s hope for the better.. 🙂


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