Carbo Death by Coffee

Published: Thursday September 9, 2010 MYT 2:44:00 PM

Carbo Death by Coffee

BAYAN LEPAS:  Local authorities reported the strange death of a steamed bun, popularly known as MeeKoo, just hours ago.

MeeKoo was said to have tried crawling her way to the coffee machine before she suddenly plopped down dead.

MeeKoo was last heard lamenting that she had tried to ask a friend for help via POKES but was not successful. The friend was said to have a strange relationship with farm-like animals that go “oink”. MeeKoo was also reported to repeat the statement “He had us at ‘hello‘” over and over again just this morning. Investigations reveal the statement could be a paraphrase from the surprise blockbuster Tom Cruise film “Jerry Maguire”. An insider however, revealed that the repeated chants may have been attributed to a foiled surprise attempt just the night before.

The coroner’s report had mentioned that the cause of death was, a severe caffeine deficiency. MeeKoo was known to require the mighty bean to continue her daily duties.

Some of her colleagues were distraught while others took the opportunity to dip MeeKoo into another local favorite, Curry Chicken, and had a feast.

P/s: Please note that the above “news” is fictional and should not be taken seriously.  This is what happens when you have insane friends 😛


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