It’s your Birthday!

The past two days of careful planning didn’t exactly turn out the way we planned it to be 😛 But it goes to prove that we are not meant to be good liars or thieves! *lolx*

It’s Big Bird’s b’day today and we thought we’ll give him a little surprise after his family dinner.  Having gathered everyone at his house at the right time and simulating a few rounds of the whole surprise plan; when Small Bird gave us the queue that they were heading back home…we started to get more and more anxious about our timing.  When Aunty Candle said we had better get into position in case Big Bird speeds on the road and arrives earlier than we expected, all our planning would have gone to waste.  Hastily and rather amateur-ly, we got into our said positions and tried to stay in the dark as quiet as possible.  Every minute that went by…our heartbeats get faster and faster.  The worrier we got, the more ideas we tried to come out with to see if we could improvise our plans in case it fails 😛

The final SMS (that i read at least) came from Small Bird was when they were at the car park coming up together.  That 5 minutes was the most torturing.  All of us were soooo anxious; I swear I could have had a heart attack before Big Bird did (if only our plan worked).

So much of our very careful & detailed planning, and simulating…

When Big Bird came through the door and said, “Hello“… My brain just fused and all I remember doing was *click* my camera and that was it……

Look at how many times I practiced snapping the same frame from different positions to time my reflex!!! 😛

Anyways, the just-turned-3o has proven that his brain is still very much working; but he could have at least looked “surprise”!! Perhaps we really should have just slam the cake on his face *LOLx*

Anyways, hope you like the small party we organized for you la 😛 Average age was above 30 to make sure you feel young *LOLx*

Oh..BTW, this was the song we wanted to play from Meekoo’s iPod when you enter but we couldn’t figure out all the technical parts of it..thus, here it is then 😛

Blessed Birthday, Brother! 🙂

P/s: In case the audio file doesn’t play, this is the YouTube

4 thoughts on “It’s your Birthday!

  1. Hey u guys did well! At least, I couldn’t figure out who was on the Surprise-team! 🙂 TQ TQ TQ for all the effort put in, I know how meticulous some of u are hehe. It was a pleasant ‘surprise’, really.

    • Meekoo’s suggestion: If your kid is as smart as you, we’ll have to use ‘brutal’ force to train him to look surprise next time! 😛

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